Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ask the Design Team

Have you got a scrapbooking (cardmaking or papercraft) question?  Whether related to this months project or not why not ask the Scrapology Design Team. We will have a go at answering your question, or find someone else who can.

image from google
If you want to see if any of us can help. Ask away, by emailing your question to us here or comment below.


  1. Hi have you got a blinkie (think that's the right word if not you can have a good laugh) that I can add to my blog? Dawn

  2. Hi Dwan, thanks for asking. So far I have only the business card image which can be found on the side bar under the contact us image. You can copy and paste this or email me and I can send you the image. Have checked the email and it seems to be working. I do need to get around to making a suitable blinkie, or better still asking someone really good at that sort of thing to do one for us. Yes you do have the right word LOL!.


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