Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ask the DT - A question of photography

Several of you have asked for tips to take the perfect photograph of your layouts or cards.

Here are a few ideas from the DT

Always try to use natural daylight
Try to photograph from above or stand directly in front of of your work (blue-tac it to a wall)
Don't be afraid to use photoshop or similar to crop and enhance

Avoid using flash if you can
Make sure you take your layout OUT of the page protector to avoid unnecessary light patches

Unless you intend tightly cropping your photo, take it on a plain background i.e no distracting clutter.
If the background is very dark, you may want to put some white paper or a sheet etc behind the page.
Line up the page squarely in your view finder.
Make sure nothing has fallen off the layout before you photograph it (i.e letters, etc..)  

If taking photographs for your blog, choose areas of interest and take close-ups.

Use the same techniques to photograph cards.

We hope this helps and if any of you have further suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment below.

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