Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How I made my May Challenge Page

Here is how I made my May Page and the vine to go on it.

A reminder of the sketch.

I selected three double sided papers from the Prima Marketing Sparkling Spring Collection. All available from Vanessa at Paper Maze.

Pink Apron


Berry Fresh 

Here is how I made the vine. I took inspiration from Gabrielle Pollacco and a short tutorial video I found on her blog.

I used 2 pearl and gold bead sprays, 4 rose leaves, 2 each of three different sizes of paper roses (these items are all wired), florist's tape, ribbon. All these pieces are available at Hobbycraft.

Start off by taking a bead spray and start winding the tape around the wire stem, where the beads end and the wire starts. This tape binds to itself and is easy to manipulate int shape. Keep twisting your vine as you work your way down adding in flowers and leaves as you go.

Every so often I took the end of a wire from a flower or leaf and pulled it away from the vine so it is not covered by tape. I return to these later.

At the end return to these short wires and wrap round a pencil to make a spiral, then bend into place where you want the tendril to be.

I used a tool handle to spiral the bead sprays.

At the end of the vine twist the tape round on itself so it covers the ends and tear off.

I added a hint of pink to my paper roses with chalk ink and sparkle with Stickles.

If you want to have a go, head back to the main post 'V s for Vine' and enter our challenge for May.

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