Monday, 7 November 2011

Seam Binding Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for making the seam binding ribbon rose adapted from Crafty Ribbons.

Using an embroidery stitch called Spiders Web rose, but rather than sewing on fabric this uses card.

The completed rose.

1. Gather the bits you need around you, scissors, large needle, thread, tape, card and about two metres of seam binding ribbon (for a 6cm bloom).

2. On the card mark a five pointed star and the centre point, and pierce holes at these points. Thread the large needle with some sewing thread. I have used a bright contrasting colour thread for the tutorial, but it doesn't show when the rose is complete, so any colour will do. Secure the thread on the back of the card with a piece of tape. Sew through the holes to create what will look like Spiders Web.

3. Secure the thread on the back of the card with another piece of tape.

4. Thread the seam Binding ribbon into the big needle and sew through the centre hole leaving a small length at the back of the card that you can stick down with more tape.

5. This is the front view. The ribbon has come up through the centre, now pass the needle under one of the threads.

6. Allow the ribbon to cover over the next thread then under the next. It is IMPORTANT to continue working in the same direction at ALL times. Pull the ribbon so it is tight in the centre, but not so tight that it puts a strain on the threads. Continue with the weaving technique of over one thread under the next thread. As you have an odd number of threads (5) you will go round in a circle.

7. Keep going round, if you can still see the holes you need to continue. Allow the ribbon to twist, this will create more interesting shape rose petals.

8. This rose is almost finished, it requires no more petals.

9. To finish, carefully take the needle back down through one of the holes. Secure the ribbon on the back with a piece of tape as before.
Cut away the excess card from around the completed rose. It is now ready to attach to your card or layout.

These instructions are adapted from those supplied by Crafty Ribbons, who supplied the ribbons for these roses and you will find plenty more colours available to purchase on their website.


  1. Thanks so much for this - I made a couple yesterday following your super tutorial and they are easy to make and look great.
    Sue x

  2. A message from Karen Leonard which I somehow managed to delete rather than publish! Sorry Karen.
    "Oh My goodness..this is amazing! Thank you for sharing. Karen x"

  3. Is there any way to do these using a glue gun? and without the card or 5 points? Any way of holding it and doing it like the other kinds of roses that you can hold and wrap and fold around to make the final product?


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